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Stone Veneer Set Thin Veneer Hammer Thin Veneer Hammer
Thin Stone Veneer Set
Our Price: $390.00
Thin Stone Veneer Hardie
Our Price: $187.00
Thin Veneer Hammer
Our Price: $154.00
This Stone Veneer Set includes everything you need to achieve a refined hand-cut finish when trimming thin stone veneer. It includes the 2 lb Thin Stone Veneer Hardie, a durable, sturdy fulcrum on which to precisely cut veneer stone; the Thin Stone Veneer Hammer with handle, designed specifically to maximize control and more easily achieve a hand-cut look; and the 1 1/4 inch carbide Mason's Chipper to provide for any remaining clean-up chiseling along the edges of split or veneer stone. The Carbide Mason's Chipper includes a 3/4 inch stock handle. Shipping is FREE within the contiguous US.
Our Thin Stone Veneer Hardie provides masons with an alternative to loud, dusty angle grinder cuts and unpredictable brick hammer work. Made of 12 lb hardened steel, this Thin Stone Veneer Hardie is a durable fulcrum on which to precisely cut veneer stone. Designed to be an efficient and portable solution for hand trimming, simply pair this with our Thin Stone Veneer Trimming Hammer or Carbide Rock Pick to provide an easier way to hand-cut veneer with more control, less tooling and minimal waste. Consists of a 4 inch wide blade and pre-drilled holes for easy fastening to workbenches. FREE shipping within the contiguous US.
Our Thin Stone Veneer Hammer is best used for trimming and shaping natural thin stone veneer, which generally is under 2 inches thick. The 2 lb dual-purpose head hammer features a beveled striking face, which can be used to strike smaller hand tools. It has a 1 1/4 inch wide blade which will hold a cutting edge longer than most brick hammers, and includes a beveled striking head and a 12" wood handle. Shipping is FREE within the contiguous US.
Rock Pick Hammer Mason's Chipper
Rock Pick Hammer
Our Price: $130.00
Carbide Mason's Chipper
Our Price: $111.00
These one-and-a-half pound Rock Pick hammers from Trow & Holden offer proprietary carbide tips and a longer lasting cutting edge than standard steel brick hammers. By applying custom carbide tips on standard 24 oz VAUGHN brick hammers, they have created a significant upgrade over standard steel hammers. Available in three head configurations - carbide bushing head and blade, carbide trimming head and blade, or carbide blade only - they are the perfect choice for repetitive light trimming of soft or thinner types of stone, such as thin veneer, flag stone, or thin field stone. The 12" wood handle is included. FOR STRIKING STONE ONLY. AVOID SWINGING AGGRESSIVELY AND MIS-STRIKING STONE WITH CORNERS OF HAMMER. Shipping is FREE within the contiguous US.
This Mason's Chipper offers a beveled blade for rock facing, trimming or squaring stone. The beveled lade makes it easier for the working edge of the carbide-tip to get purchase on more rounded or irregular surfaces. Shipping is FREE within the contiguous US.