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Vicar Industries is a trusted, authorized supplier of the entire line of Heat Stop refractory products. With a wide variety of mortars and castables for sale, we’re here to help you choose the best product for your residential and light commercial building needs.
State and local building codes require high-temperature structures to be built using heat-resistant, acid-resistant and non-water soluble materials. The Heat Stop line is the industry standard for construction-grade refractory mortar, and is safe and reliable for residential and light commercial use. Heat Stop products are fully compatible with a variety of refractory brick options, and have been rigorously tested to meet or exceed the highest masonry construction standards. Common applications include fireplaces, chimneys, kilns, pizza ovens and backyard fire pits. Heat Stop is made to withstand temperatures of up to 2,500 degrees F. Refer to the manufacturer's website for product data and safety information.

Looking for mortar to install firebrick inside a fireplace, oven or a wood stove? Consider Heat Stop 50 or Heat Stop II dry mix products (inside or outside) or Heat Stop Premix (inside only). Need to re-point firebrick mortar inside a fireplace or chimney? Consider one of the Heat Stop mortar products. Need to parge insulation over firebrick or seal a wall penetration? Consider Insul Stick. Do you need to install a fire-resistant hearth? Use Heat Cast 40. Are you looking for an insulation material above a masonry oven dome or under a hearth? Use Insul Cast. Are you casting a dome, hearth, or wall for a pizza oven? Use Heat Cast 40. These are just a few of the ways the Heat Stop line of product can be used.

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Fireplace Mortar Made by the company that manufacturers Heat Stop, Insul Stick is a medium-weight castable refractory dry mix designed for smooth parging over firebrick in fireplace smoke chambers. It comes in a 5 or 20 lb pail. Heat Stop II is a dry-mix, non-water soluble refractory mortar used in the installation or repair of high-temperature resistant firebrick and masonry in bread or pizza ovens, boilers, fireplaces, flues, furnaces, incinerators, kilns, and wood stoves.
Fireplace Mortar
Our Price: $35.00
refractory mortar HEAT STOP PREMIXED Heat Stop Premixed is a fire-resistent, grey-colored refractory mortar used for the installation or repair of high-temperature resistant firebrick and masonry in pizza ovens, boilers, fireplaces, flues, furnaces, incinerators, kilns, a Heat Stop Domestic Fireplace Mortar is a premixed, beige-colored version of the industry standard Heat Stop refractory mortar. This fire and heat-resistant mortar meets or exceeds all national and state building codes, including ASTM C-199.
Our Price: $65.00
refractory mortar Heatcast 40 refractory Castable dry mix in a bag 50 lb bag of Heat Stop 50
Our Price: $79.00
Consider Our Saw Blades
Cutting your own firebricks or other masonry product? Consider our line of refractory saw blades. We also sell a wide variety of masonry tools. Check them out here.