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Features & Benefits

Easy-to-Assemble Kits Mobile & Countertop Configurations Americano Ovens
  • Easy-to-assemble kit
  • Base materials provided
  • Offering fully assembled models as well
  • Made in the USA
  • Ideal for patios and decks
  • Equipped with heavy duty casters
  • Convenience of a mobile unit

  • Counter Top version offers a more permanent solution
  • Can be set on brick base or hard surface
  • Ideal for saving space
  • Affortable
  • Pre-assembled
  • Portable
  • State of the art materials
  • Terra Cotta & Dark Roast
  • For outdoor use only
  • Made in the USA

Pizza Ovens

Our Chicago Brick Oven line features a visible in-chamber fire, true to Neapolitan style wood-fired pizza ovens. The Italian-inspired dome design further enhances heating efficiency and the aesthetic look of the flame. The low-height designs of these pizza ovens creates a unique FlameRollâ„¢ that generates high, even temperatures for a genuine, wood-fired taste. These wood fired ovens are built to last, and formulated with high-strength, cast-refractory USA-sourced materials to ensure safe and reliable year-round cooking. All Pizza oven orders include shipping at no extra charge.

Why Select a Chicago Brick Oven?

All Chicago Brick Ovens are made is the USA with American sourced raw materials. These pizza ovens feature a low dome design that produces a minimal amount of smoke through the front. Ovens using refractory domes are reinforced with steel fibers and are single-piece, which are easier to assemble than multiple-piece domes. They are among the fastest to install in the industry. Chicago Brick Ovens have certifications to industry and safety standards. These pizza ovens also feature the widest range of options in the industry: including easy-to-assemble pizza oven kits, as well as pre-assembled countertop and cart models.

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Easy-to-Assemble Kits, or Fully-Assembled

Our wood-fired pizza oven line comes in an easy-to-assemble kit, where all the base materials are provided, as well as fully-assembled models that include metal hoods and come ready to use, delivered right to your home or job site. These wood-burning pizza ovens are sourced, built and tested right here in the USA. All our wood burning refractory ovens are great for outdoors, and are also certified for commercial and residential indoor use.

Mobile, Countertop Configurations

Our mobile cart pizza oven models (750 series) are ideal for patios and decks where space is limited. These outdoor pizza ovens are equipped with heavy duty casters, combining the convenience of a mobile unit with the authenticity of a true, Neapolitan style wood-burning pizza oven.

Where a more permanent look is desired, our countertop style ovens (500 and 750 series) can be set on a base of brick or another hard surface. They are ideal for customers who have more space and simply want to drop a finished pizza oven into place.


Our pizza ovens are available in a variety of colors: The CBO 500 and CBO 750 series ovens come in Silver that gives the refined appearance of a professional cooking appliance; or an elegant Copper, both of which are patterned after the look of a classic Italian wood-fired oven.

Americano Ovens

Also available is our line of affordable Americano pizza ovens. These pre-assembled, portable, outdoor pizza ovens are made in the USA, and are manufactured using state-of-the-art materials. They feature a lightweight metal dome, and deliver the renowned Chicago Brick Oven FlameRoll (TM) for a professional cooking experience. The Americano pizza oven models are available in two attractive colors: Terra Cotta and Dark Roast. The Americano ovens are for outdoor use only.

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pizza oven kit that provides everything you need to build your own outdoor pizza oven pizza oven kit that provides everything you need to build your own outdoor pizza oven pizza oven that comes fully assembled and sits on your outdoor countertop
CBO 500 Pizza Oven Kit
Our Price: $2,350.00
CBO 750 Pizza Oven Kit
Our Price: $3,250.00
pizza oven that comes fully assembled and sits on your outdoor countertop