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Blacksmithing and Forging
Every day around the world, HarbisonWalker International's people and products stand up to the challenges and pressures of every job; and for 150 years, they've served virtually every industry that ne
Chimney Fans Remove Smoke and Soot
Many people are afraid to use their fireplaces because of the smoke that enters the room. While there are many reasons for this to occur, quite often the problem begins with your flue. When working co
How Much Product Do You Need?
We are often asked about the quantities of Heat Stop product that are needed for various applications. Factors that affect the quantity needed include the thickness of the application, the condition o
Industrial Refractories
To satisfy our customers looking for refractory products suitable for an industrial environment, we have partnered with HarbisonWalker International (HWI) to provide a series of mortars, castables, an
Insulation Options
Customers building a pizza oven or furnace have a few different options for insulation. Our Insul Cast refractory castable is recommended as a back-up to firebrick, or other types of solid masonry, an
Low-Dome Design Enhances Oven Performance
Our line of pizza ovens from Chicago Brick Oven feature an authentic wood-fired in-chamber fire. Consistent with traditional Italian design, these wood-fired ovens feature a low, igloo-shaped dome.
Masonry Color
Our Rainbow Color products can be used to tint any masonry product, including mortar, cement or gypsum. They can even be used to tint latex or oil-based paints. Our color products are weather resista
Pizza Dome Insulation
People often ask us about insulation for their pizza oven. If you are casting your own dome using a high temperature refractory product, or using firebrick, you should use insulation on the outside su
Pizza Ovens
Constructing a backyard pizza oven? Outdoor kitchens are very popular today, and we are often asked about which products to use. While you can certainly purchase a fully constructed (or partially asse
Refractory Castables
Castable refractories are different than mortar products in that they are designed to be cast into special shapes. For example Insul Stick , a product made by the manufacturer of Heat Stop, is a cast
Refractory Mortar Uses
Refractory mortar differs from regular mortar in that it is designed to resist high temperatures. It is the desired product to use when installing or repairing firebrick in a fireplace, firepit, bake
Using the Right Heat Stop Product: A Primer
Using the right Heat Stop refractory product is critical to the success of your project. How do you know which one to use? While there are a wide range of products available – premixes, castables
What to consider when buying a pizza oven
So you’ve decided you want to expand your cooking experience by purchasing an outdoor pizza oven. You are joining thousands who have decided to add to their backyard entertaining with a cooking