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High-Temperature Insulation

We are both refractory mortar and ceramic fiber products for insulation. Insul Cast refractory mortar offers resistance up to 2,000 degrees and is non-water soluble. It can be used under the hearth, or over the dome, and should be applied 2" thick. Ceramic fiber offers lightweight insulation for protection against continuous high heat. With products ranging from flexible standard and foil-backed blankets to rigid panels, we carry ideal insulation solutions for most masonry construction projects. Ceramic fiber insulation is easy to transport and install, stores very little heat and is exceptionally resistant to corrosion.

We carry brand name ceramic products at affordable prices and in sizes that can be cut and customized to fit your needs. Resistant at temperatures up to 2,300 degrees (depending on the product selected) , our ceramic insulation is compatible with our firebrick and refractory mortar supplies for total heat protection. Feel free to contact us with questions about Insul Cast refractory mortar or ceramic fiber insulation so you can be sure you’re buying exactly what you need. Refer to the manufacturer's website for product data and safety information.

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Fiberfrax Ceramic Fiber Paper

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