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refractory mortar refractory mortar refractory mortar
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SAIRSET from HarbisonWalker International is a wet, high-strength, air-setting, high-temperature mortar. It can be used as a thinset mortar for the fireplace and pizza oven. It is formulated for troweled joints, but can be thinned for dipping by adding water and remixing. Suitable for laying dense brick such as EMPIRE and CLIPPER DP. Available in 15 lb and 55 lb pails. GREENPATCH-421 is a 53% alumina air-setting refractory mortar used as a patch for general use.
GREENPATCH-421 is premixed, and provides a good chemical match to many common brick, castable and plastic linings. It is typically used for general patching applications, but it can also be thinned for brush coating. Patch thickness should be limited to 3" and only considered a temporary fix. Manufactured by HarbisonWalker International. Available in a 15 lb and 55 lb pails.
'SAIRBOND is a dry, air-setting high-strength mortar product than can be thinned by adding additional water. It is especially useful for laying fireclay, super duty and 50% alumina firebricks (including high-fired) for low temperature incinerators, air heaters, cyclones, cement preheaters, fluid bed reactors, roasters, and vertical shaft furnaces. Manufactured by HarbisonWalker International. Available in 55 lb. bags.
refractory mortar
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OVENZZ MORTAR is a high-alumina, air-setting refractory mortar that is ideal for troweling. Primarily used for troweling OVENZZ brick, setting precast shapes, and filling small cracks, OVENZZ MORTAR should only be used in settings protected from direct contact with precipitation. It can be used to lay firebricks in a pizza oven, and is capable of service temperatures up to 3,000 degrees. HWI OVENZZ products are certified by NSF International and maintain NSF/ANSI Standard 51 for use as a food equipment material and in food applications. Available in 55 lb. pails. Orders limited to 3 pails.