Building a PIZZA OVEN? Need supplies for your oven, furnace or boiler? We are your one-stop shop for building supplies including high-temperature mortar, castables, firebrick and other supplies. Watch our videos or call for more information (716) 833-3620.

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pizza oven that comes fully assembled and sits on your outdoor countertop Chimney RX Hearth & Grill Cleaner Chimney RX Masonry Chimney Water Repellent The Lock-Top II chimney cap/damper comes fully assembled with a base that mounts to the sweep's ring (included), which attaches to the flue tile with a silicone sealant (also included). It features a strong, stainless steel and cast aluminum construction.
Lock-Top II Chimney Cap/Damper 5/8" Mesh
Our Price: $275.00 NOTE: Only UPS ground shipping option available for this product.
50 lb bag of Heat Stop 50 ChimneyRx Safer Brick & Masonry Cleaner is a safety breakthrough in acid cleaning for commercial and home use. Use for any tough acid cleaning or etching job, where you would normally use Muriatic Acid. HEAT STOP PREMIXED Heat Stop Premixed is a fire-resistent, grey-colored refractory mortar used for the installation or repair of high-temperature resistant firebrick and masonry in pizza ovens, boilers, fireplaces, flues, furnaces, incinerators, kilns, a Chimney fan for wood burning fireplaces and stoves
Enervex Chimney Fan for Wood
Our Price: $1,808.00 NOTE: Only UPS ground shipping option available for this product.

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