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Heat-Resistant Firebrick for Masonry Construction

Fully compatible with our line of Heat Stop refractory mortar products, firebrick is the safest and most reliable option for code-compliant construction of fireplaces, ovens, kilns and furnaces. Whitacre Greer firebrick is made from refractory ceramic material and is intended to withstand temperatures of up to 2,200 degrees. Vicar Industries carries refractory bricks in two colors and two standard sizes: full-size bricks suitable for most applications and narrower “splits” for lining stoves and fireplaces.

Our affordable prices and fast shipping make it easy to start building quickly and stay within your project’s budget without having a ton of excess materials left over. Just choose the size and color that’s right for you and get building right away! Call us for pricing. Minimum half pallet orders (250 bricks). This item does not qualify for free shipping.

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Ovenzz Brick Empire C/DP Clipper DP
Ovenzz Brick
Our Price: $60.00
Empire C/DP
Our Price: $65.00
Clipper DP
Our Price: $70.00
Greentherm 2300 LI
Greentherm 2300 LI
Our Price: $90.00